What we Do

What has been setting us apart from all other clinics and hospitals in the region are the values we strive for...


We believe in our own community, and we do not discriminate, we built long lasting relationships with each and every one of our brothers and sisters.

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Love is healing and Health is love. Not only we love helping our owns but we also share love as part of our practices with all patients.

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Timor is a small country and we very well know each other like a big extended family. We treat all patients like they are family.

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How Can You Help

Share For A Cause

$50,000 a month of donation is our target. Since only few organizations and individuals can support us with this, we think you can help us in the present moment by outreaching to more friends, and sharing few words about the Bairo Pite Clinic.

  1. Watch and Share a few words

    Few years ago, many volunteers helped us get the word out from Dili. Now we believe we could extend this family of volunteers and have you join us in sharing for a cause. Share and allow your friends to do the same.

  2. Join as a volunteer, online or in dili

    We are actively looking for office and medical volunteers to help us save and empower our communities.

Recent Causes

As a general clinic, we are treating 300 patients in and out each day based on their needs, below are specific programs we are looking to expand with donations and partnerships.


Treatment for your leukemia depends on many factors. Your doctor determines your leukemia treatment options based on your age and overall health, the type of

Scabies Eradication

What is Scabies? Scabies is an itchy skin condition caused by a tiny burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. Intense itching occurs in the area where


Timor-Leste has a higher incidence of underweight children than either Ethiopia or Malawi. It is possible to associate, in Timor-Leste, access to essential basic foods, as a


HIV Management at community health clinics in Dili A focus on counseling and rehabilitation. Although there is no cure for HIV infection, treatment with anti-retroviral drugs


What is Tuberculosis? In Timor-Leste: –50% estimated population carrying TB bacteria –13% of deaths in Timor-Leste attributed to TB -35% TB treatment in Timor-Leste delivered by



outpatients per day


timorese staff


babies per month


mobile clinics per year

Latest Donators

There are no words to express how grateful we are to have partnered with you. On Behalf of all of our staff, patients, volunteers, and our community, Thank You. God Bless You.

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